ODS Phaseout in the Country – India’s Country Programme

India’s Country Programme

The Executive Committee, at its 32 nd meeting, adopted a strategic framework for the MLF in view of the compliance period started with effect from 2001. Accordingly, Article 5 Countries were advised to revise the Country Programme and to prepare the national strategies for complying with provisions of the Montreal Protocol obligations.

The UNDP is the Implementing Agency and assisted in preparing Country Programme Update.

A draft Country Programme Update has been prepared based on the following information: –


A National Stakeholders’ Workshop to discuss the draft Country Programme Update was convened on 30 th and 31 st January 2006 in New Delhi. The major stakeholders invited for this workshop were line Ministries of the Government of India and Industries associations. Besides, the members of Technology and Finance Standing Committee (TFSC) and Empowered Steering Committee (ESC), local representatives of Implementing Agencies were also invited.

Over the past twelve years since the approval of India’s original Country Programme for Phase-out of Ozone Depleting Substances in 1993, India made significant progress in controlling the production and consumption of ODS. From a consumption level of 10,370 MT of ODS in 1991, the unconstrained demand was forecasted at about 96,000 MT by 2005. The consumption of these substances by end-2004 was only about 9,000 MT annually. These reductions were achieved with technical and financial assistance from the Multilateral Fund and implementing agencies and due to proactive policy actions by Government of India. The following table summarizes the ODS phase-out activities, both completed and ongoing, in various sectors:

Table-19: Summary of ODS Phase-out Activities in All Sectors
Sector Number of Projects Funding (US$) Phase-out (ODP MT)
Aerosols Sector 27 3,227,739 689
Foams Sector 159 34,785,641 4,373
Firefighting Sector 18 2,458,701 2,162
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Sector 49 32,254,823 3,203
Solvents Sector 41 61,358,042 12,966
Production Sector (including Halons) 2 84,600,000 22,988
Total 296 218,684,946 46,381

Of the above-mentioned activities, over 70% of the activities in terms of ODS phase-out are now completed. Almost all of the individually approved projects have been completed. The implementation of performance-based sector and national-level phase-out plans in the Foams, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning and Solvents sectors is well on course, with the respective annual phase-out targets met or exceeded.

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