ODS Phaseout in the Country – Accelerated Phaseout of CFCs

India agreed at the 54th Ex-Com meeting held from 7th to 11th April, 2008 Montreal, Canada to accelerate the phase-out of production of CFCs by 1st August, 2008. As per the decision, India agreed that it will produce no more than 690 MT of CFC primarily for the manufacturing of MDIs up until 1st August, 2008. India’s CFC producers would sell no more than 825 MT of CFCs for MDI production in the years 2008 and 2009, comprising 690 MT of new production and 135 MT reprocessed from existing Stock. In addition India Would not import any more CFCs.

India has completely phased-out production and consumption of CFCs with effect from 1St August, 2008, 17 months ahead of the agreed phase-out schedule except the use of pharmaceutical grade CFCs in manufacturing of MDIs. The MLF has released first tranche of accelerated phase-out of US $2.113 million for the producers.

The National Strategy for Transition to Non-CFC MDIs and Plan for Phase-out of CFCs in the Manufacture of Pharmaceutical MDIs is being implemented by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as lead implementing agency in close cooperation with the MDI manufacturing industry with an accelerated pace.